About us

Les Productions Carmagnole (NPO) were born in 2001 out of some circus and multidisciplinary artists’ need of emancipation and gathering. This band of revolutionary lads is involved in the organization of the annual Carnaval Carmagnole and the Erotisseries (carnal circus). They also organize a Kermesse, Cabarets and parties in parks and other unbridled and unifying events. They are committed to encourage free creation and social involvement for fun… or to eventually save the world.

You will find the unique signature of our organization at each Carmagnole event: the will to invest and create spaces where “deformatting” is required, the opportunity to explore a creative and artistic alternative system where the public is invited to get involved by wearing costumes. At Carmagnole, early-career and experienced artists gather in a chosen community of freedom and solidarity where the borders between social classes and styles disappear.

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