Our “Carnaval d’un Soir” packed the Théâtre Plaza !

Almost 450 people went to support Carmagnole and live a crazy night on March 28th, 2015. More pictures to come!


Crédit photo @Julie Gauthier

Crédit photo @Julie Gauthier



8 p.m.: Animated opening on Travelling Headcase music followed by the Fanfare Carmagnole, live installation and performances.
Caro Caron and Chloé Lefebvre: bodypaint / With Vladimir Lissouba and Chantal Gallant as models;
Simon Durocher-Gosselin, Julie Desrosiers and Félix Tessier-Imbault: animation;
Nic Vigneault: one night tattoos.

9 p.m.: Cabaret with an unleashed tribe of free artists, on a stage where everything is possible!

With: MC Lili and Gabrielle Garant
Justin Dale Furgala Krall: Cyr wheel
Catherine Riopel Viens and Marie-Eve Demers: hand-to-hand
Rachel Salzman and Dorian Lechaux: artistic performance
Azelle: Rosalie Beauchamp and Anne-Marie Poirier: aerial rosace
Jason Fergusson and Coen Clarke: hand-to-hand
Valerie Doucet: balanced-dance
Marcos Nery: trapeze-dance
Catherine Desjardins-Béland and Sandra Bérubé: stilts and pole
David Louch and Bekka Rose: juggling and hand-to-hand
Michael Mega Watts and Laura Lippert: dance
Hugo Julien: diabolo
Jamye La Luna: hoola-hoops
Krin Haglund: clown!
Sara Deull: hammock-net / straps

10 p.m.: Party time! In addition to our internationally recognized common tendency to celebrate, we enjoyed an adult fair in the Court of Revelations: sideshow sections with Whitney Lafleur, Jacqueline Van de Gueer, Catherine Desjardins-Béland and Mobile Home Company (Lucas Jolly and Steeve Dumais).
Olivier Bourget set the tone of the party as a DJ!


A great thanks to our partner “Publicité Sauvage”
for its precious help in promoting the Cabaret !