The 9th edition of the Carnaval Carmagnole will take place on August 28, 29 and 30, 2015 in the enchanting site of Mouton Village in Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu.

Circus fans, multidisciplinary arts and music lovers will gather outside in the festive and creative atmosphere that characterizes each Carmagnole event. In addition to the multiple stages on which about 200 volunteer artists (both established and emerging) will be performing, the underground and experimental flavor of the Carnaval also offers public animation, an in situ art space, bars, a daycare, a children’s area, a teen area, a campground and a food court for both participants and volunteers.


Theme: Momentum

Carnaval Carmagnole came back to life in 2012, revolutionized itself in 2013 and mutated in 2014. We’re now ready for a great collective impulse in 2015. This year, the Carnaval will look to capture this impulse and catalyze it through a theme: MOMENTUM. Carmagnole 2015 will be about dynamics, timing, and, of course, the power of a mass. And guess what? In mechanical physics, the formula of momentum goes as follows: MOMENTUM = SPEED x MASS.





The call for submission is still opened for some categories!

How can I apply?
To propose your project for Carnaval Carmagnole, please send the following elements to :

– name and contact information of the responsible person (telephone and email required)
– artists’ CV or biography
– name and brief presentation of the project of the artistic idea or idea (new creation)
– visual documentation, video or relevant web link (if any)
– specific technical needs

Please note that Carnival Carmagnole welcomes artists from different disciplines of performing arts (performing arts, entertainment, theater, dance, circus, puppets, performances etc.) Visual Arts (drawing, sculpture, in situ, painting, land art etc.) and music (acoustic, choir, brass band, electro, rock etc.) and favors the creation of new works. So do not limit yourself to conventional presentations formulas: your proposals shall be released and original! However, any proposal will be studied.