Each performance is a work of art in this multidisciplinary sensual circus. Eroticism is addressed without prejudices, restraint or censorship and in all its essences, whether bright and pleasurable or dark and taboo.

Each edition of Les Érotisseries is unique and gives room to the expression of artistic maturity of experienced performers. Those performers are placed in an authentic sharing posture, in the creative process as in public performances.

Les Érotisseries (that filled Théâtre La Chapelle in February, 2014) are a combination of circus arts (contortions, straps, aerial silk, pole dance, climbing rope, etc.) and a staging that aims at deconstructing taboos and break expectations. They offer an experience that sublimates intimacy and each artist’s talents.

The staging and scenography of the show exacerbate the elements of depth, ambiguity and sometimes unease which are inherent to eroticism. As soon as they enter, spectators are invited to choose whether they will be a “dry public” or a “wet public” depending on the degree of commitment they want to reach. Doubts appear throughout the show: are there actors among the public or did some spectators decide to fully participate in the experience? This confusion is delicious.

The public is inevitably invited to question his own relationship to sexuality and to transform his vision of eroticism: it is exactly why they are here!

There might be scenes of integral nudity and Les Érotisseries have often been presented as a late evening show for adult audiences (18+).